Zopnote is purely a tech platform for neighborhood commerce for micro merchants and doesn’t own any services or products. Zopnote doesn’t believe in commissions and it levies a small fee for using the tech service.

You can always write to care@zopnote.com, OR WhatsApp help OR recommend using the app.

Discover and add your service provider from merchants near you. You will see an option to subscribe for the products & services listed under that merchant.

You can pay online using Zopnote, which is automatic & you will get confirmation and you will see status as PAID. You can also pay directly to the merchants, which has to be updated by the merchant, so you get the confirmation.

Yes, you can use web (https://customer.zopnote.com/web) to access all bills and make payments. You will be able to call, order using shopping etc and manage all expenses without downloading the app. However the experience and communication is far better on the app.

Zopnote will show the total dues(expenses) across merchants on the dashboard and also specific dues below the merchant name. You can click on details to check all dues against merchants and view bills before making payment online.

Yes, while it is more user-friendly with mobile devices you can still sign-in and make the payment using any device including a laptop/desktop or iPad using any popular web browser. Only the OTP will be received on your registered mobile no, which you have to key in on the device. All features remain the same.

Nearly 85% of the local commerce bills are paid through UPI on Zopnote. Because of high bank charges, some merchants may not accept credit cards for online payment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For repeat orders and for faster ordering process many residents curate a list of items under shopping lists. You can either select a merchant and click on shopping list to place to order directly OR first select the shopping list and then select the merchant to place the orders. You will get an acknowledgement as soon as the shopping list is accepted by the merchant and again notified once it is dispatched.

When you select a merchant, you will see a history option, which provides both order history and payment history for easy tracking.

Yes, You can make advance to merchant directly, so he can update the system. You will be notified for each time your advance is used for paying the dues.

Yes, Many residents find it convenient to track their orders, payments on Zopnote for their home businesses. You can download the ‘Zopnote – Merchant’ app and setup your store in 2 minutes. For any further help, write to us at care@zopnote.com

Many residents have requested this feature, which is under development. We will make it available.

No, We don’t charge our end customers.

You can use Zopnote to discover verified and trusted local vendors and service providers near you. You can easily track and make online payments to your regular orders at your convenience. One app for your daily essentials in your neighborhood.

At Zopnote we strive to continuously improve and provide the best possible experience to our customers. So, we launched a new version of Zopnote (Hyperlocal Commerce Platform for OnDemand and Subscription Services for daily essentials) and we have migrated all merchants and along their users.

Zopnote supports all local kirana, vegetables & fruits, dairy products, dhobi, water suppliers, newspaper, and milk subscriptions where you regularly shop. If any of your regular vendors are not listed on the platform, you can send us a message at care@zopnote.com or raise a ticket using the option of the ‘Issue’ under the top-left menu

You get all Credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and UPI app options just like any other e-commerce shopping. You can also pay the vendor in cash. cheque or make direct payments to his store UPI QR or mobile no, where the vendor has to record the payments. You will receive an acknowledgement and it will be in your payment history report.

No, Zopnote doesn't charge for this service. Absolutely free to use the customer app. We request you to pay your vendors online through UPI, so your vendor doesn't incur extra cost.

You can discover them under ‘Merchant near you' once you download and sign in to the ‘customer app’. Your vendor can also invite you to use Zopnote and the invite message will have details to signup.

Yes, If any of your regular vendors are not listed on the platform, you can send us a message at care@zopnote.com or raise a ticket using the option of ‘Issues’ under the top-left menu.

  • For all post-paid subscriptions like newspapers, the vendor will have it entered for you and get started, for any changes like a pause or change of subscription, you can inform the vendor or raise a request or write to care@zopnote.com. You will receive a bill every first day of the month.
  • For all pre-paid subscriptions like milk, you can define your daily subscriptions and you can modify them at any time. You can make an advance for the service to get started,

Yes, you and your family members can download and sign in with the one registered mobile no. All can place orders, view all orders and make payments.

You can raise a service ticket or feedback using the ‘Issues’ tracker on the ‘top-left’ menu. You can also write to the customer desk at care@zopnote.com or Send a message using WhatsApp from Menu.

You can raise a service ticket under ‘Payment issue’ using the ‘Issues’ tracker on the ‘top-left’ menu. You can also write to the customer desk at care@zopnote.com or Send a message using WhatsApp from Menu.

The app has the option to share or you can request them to download the ‘Zopnote - Customer, Heperlocal’ app and sign up. They can discover vendors and add themselves.

No, you can not use the Zopnote customer app on the feature phone. However, your vendor can add you and you will be notified through SMS for order details and due reminders.