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Your Superpowers with Zopnote

Discover and Connect with Local Stores & Vendors
  • Verified and curated stores and vendors
  • Order directly from your connected stores
  • Order via WA, shopping list, phone or handwritten list
Convenient, Safe and Timely Payments Online
  • Pay online/offline at your convenience
  • Pay with option of your choice
  • Secure payments with complete tracking
Effortlessly Track Your Orders and Payments
  • Easily keep track of all your orders
  • Manage all your bill payments in one place
  • No more lost receipts or missed and duplicate payments
Complete Control Over Your Subscriptions
  • Subscribe to essentials like newspaper, milk and water
  • Easily pause and restart your subscription services
  • Timely reminders to manage pre-paid subscription
Download Zopnote Now!

Download Zopnote and connect directly with local stores and vendors

Whether it’s a newspaper or milk subscription or ordering your daily groceries or vegetables, Zopnote helps you manage your bills on time. Track all your local expenses and enjoy your comfort without worrying about missing convenience or payments.

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Download Zopnote Customer App Now!

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Zopnote is purely a tech platform for neighborhood commerce for micro merchants and doesn’t own any services or products. Zopnote doesn’t believe in commissions and it levies a small fee for using the tech service.

You can always write to, OR WhatsApp help OR recommend using the app.

Discover and add your service provider from merchants near you. You will see an option to subscribe for the products & services listed under that merchant.

You can pay online using Zopnote, which is automatic & you will get confirmation and you will see status as PAID. You can also pay directly to the merchants, which has to be updated by the merchant, so you get the confirmation.

Yes, you can use web ( to access all bills and make payments. You will be able to call, order using shopping etc and manage all expenses without downloading the app. However the experience and communication is far better on the app.